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I ended up traveling back to Winter Park, CO a litle before thanksgiving back in 2011. I rremember the trip fondly, as it was one of the last times I would see my Uncle Andy up and walking, talking a little even. We all went outside after dinner to take a walk, and by all I mean me and the 30+ friends, and family. The pack of people naturally began to split into groupls. Some slower. Some muuuuuch slower. Others as quick as could be in order to keep up with 5 year old nephews and cousins. And so Amidst this light chaos, I saw a neighbors hourse just standing there, looking at me. The sun was beginning to dip, and this incredibly warm glowing sunshine bathed this horrse Cody in a magical way. Standing there with camera in hand, very close, I couldn't get over the expressions, personality and deep deep mesmorizong eyes. We sat there for about 20 minutes as I took a few pictures....each one a little different than the next, as Cody my subject moved from pose to pose as if he had done this before. All in all, my series with Cody had a lot more to process, but each one has that same quality. There's just something about that horse. I hope I get the opportunity to go back and photograph Cody again.

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